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Get Your Vehicle Vinyl Wrapped! The installation experts at Long Island, NY can help customize your car’s and truck’s color or design with vinyl wraps. Our team handles projects of any size and complexity to create the perfect look for your vehicle. Contact us today!

Transform Your Vehicles with Complete Vinyl Wrapping Services in Long Island, NY

Whether you are looking for vehicle wraps in Long Island with solid colors or stunning graphics, we are the team for you. We transform trucks, vans, pick-ups, and cars into mobile billboards for your business. Our team helps businesses like yours attract attention and grow brand awareness with stunning wraps.

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Our Vinyl Wrapping Process

We design, print, and wrap vehicles for a seamless signage experience. Our team guides you every step of the way and helps you minimize downtime. Here is what you can expect by collaborating with us on your vehicle wraps:
• Design Consultation
Sit with experienced designers who take the time to understand your needs. Our team will create branded designs to promote your business.
• Material Selection
Get the maximum value from your wraps. We only use high-quality materials from top suppliers like 3M, Avery, and ORAFOL.
• Printing and Preparation
Bring attention-grabbing designs to life with our modern printing methods. These methods are the reason why graphics look sharper, and colors pop more. They also ensure our wraps are always smudge-free.
• Installation
See and feel the difference when a professional team wraps your vehicles. By partnering with an expert sign company, we guarantee no air bubbles or premature peeling – only perfectly aligned wraps to enhance your brand.

Explore Types of Vehicles Wraps and Graphics

These cover the entire body of the vehicle, including doors, hood, and roof. They’re great for maximizing visibility and advertising space on your vehicle.

Cover part of your vehicle, whether it’sa single door or a side, with partial wraps. They are cost-effective and ideal for businesses looking for a subtle look.

  • Spot Graphics

Add individual decals or graphics to specific areas of the vehicle. Common uses are displaying the business’s name on a door or adding branding on windows.

  • Car Wrapping

Transform your company cars, SUVs, and pick-ups with car wraps. We wrap most major makes and models of cars.

  • Truck Wraps

We wrap large semis, trailers, box vans, trucks, and more. Take your branding wherever your trucks go with eye-catching designs and stunning graphics.

  • Stickers

Brand your vehicle effortlessly with these small signs. Create your own designs, choose the size, and install them easily on your vehicle.

  • Magnets

Want to brand your vehicle at a moment’s notice? Need to transfer branding between vehicles? Get metal magnetic signs that you can attach to your vehicle without any tools.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Still wondering if vehicle wraps are the right choice for your business? Explore some of the proven benefits of these innovative products:

  1. Mobile Advertising

Transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard for your business and reach new audiences every day. Wraps can get your vehicles seen by potential customers up to 44,000 times daily.

  1. Cost-Effective Branding

Get an unmatched return on investment with cost-effective vehicle wraps in Long Island. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about recurring costs with these durable products.

  1. Maximize Impressions

Reach thousands of potential new customers, grow brand awareness, and generate potential leads with your wraps.

  1. Professional Look

Enhance the appearance of your business and make a solid first impression with branded vehicles. Wrapped vehicles look more professional and help your business establish confidence with customers.

  1. Protect Your Vehicle

Protect your vehicle’s paintwork from minor scuffs and scratches with wraps. Increase your vehicle’s resale value when it comes time to sell by protecting your paintwork with a wrap.

  1. Express Your Creativity

Create designs that match your vision, style, and business. You can customize every design aspect, including the graphics, size, shape, and more.

Commercial Fleet Graphics Company For Long Island Businesses

Genesis Signs and Graphics has been the go-to partner for Long Island vehicle wraps for years. Our customers rely on us for high-quality, professional wraps that have performed flawlessly for years. Our team works collaboratively with you to bring your vision to life, maximizing your marketing potential.

Book a free consultation to discuss vehicle branding for your business with a local team based in Long Island, NY.