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Genesis Signs & Graphics produces striking custom channel letters for the exterior of buildings throughout the NYC area. Discover the signage options we offer and explore the solution that works best for your business needs.

Custom Channel Letter Signs

Our customizable storefront channel letters and lit shape signs allow your business to get the word out, whether your goal is improving brand awareness or advertising the latest sale. Let our experienced team at Genesis Signs & Graphics help your company vision come to life with an array of innovative signage options. Incorporating a vibrant combination of color and light, these illuminated creations differentiate your business and impact consumers from a distance, building brand identity and enhancing recognition.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Our channel letters are made of plastic or metal and are illuminated electrical signs. Each channel letter is its own unit, requiring a more involved installation process. Still, these are some of the most basic yet effective signs to display on the exterior of your business. When you’re seeking illuminated channel letters that stand the test of time, Genesis Signs & Graphics has got your needs covered. Our New York team works with businesses large and small from a range of industries, so we’ll help make your unique vision happen.

Below is an overview of the channel letter signs we offer at Genesis Signs & Graphics.

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Illumination Options

These brilliant designs from our team at Genesis Signs & Graphics illustrate the unique ways to bring your NYC business into view. Advertise, enhance recognition, and improve your brand with an assortment of innovative choices.

Front-Lit Letters & Logos

These are the most popular types of channel letter signs. The characters have a translucent face, allowing for light to shine through at night. The light is generated by neon gas tubes or LED modules to illuminate the characters. Each character is its own self-contained unit with an acrylic face and aluminum backing.

Backlit Channel Letter Signs

For a striking halo effect, try one of these signs. Both the metal faces and sides of each letter feature a clear plastic backing that’s mounted in place about an inch from the surface. Neon channel letters attract passerby, including vehicles and pedestrians who may make a last-minute turn into your commercial establishment.

Front & Backlit Channel Letters & Logos

These letters and logos offer countless opportunities to experiment. As a combination of  regular and reverse channel letters, they glow from both front and back for an illuminated appearance from afar. Choose from an assortment of vibrant colors for an eye-catching look. 

Reverse Channel Letter Signs

These halo-lit letters are illuminated from behind, which enhances the wall they’re mounted on. Easy to read from a distance, these individual letters combine to create sleek signage. Our LED channel letters are available in a diverse range of colors and styles to meet your business’s design needs.

Letter Types

  • Double Face Halo Lit Letters: Halo lit channel letter signs contain opaque characters. In the dark, the light appears around the edges of the characters to create a “halo” effect, which allows the sign to still be visible at night.
  • Raceway Mount Channel Letters & Numbers: Combine both the two styles above for a more dynamic finish. Certain characters are translucent and shine light through, while others are opaque and have light spilling out from the sides. 
  • Push Throughs: Use either halo lit or front-lit characters and display them against a panel to create a dramatic effect. A dimension is added to the sign to create a more popped-out look.
  • Block Channel Letters: These are the standard individual letters that can be combined into a variety of interesting combinations. Cut from solid materials such as metal with firm backings and numerous finishes, they’re built for durability and can efficiently spell out your company name, logo, or a specific message. 
  • Contour Channel Letters: Also known as logo boxes, these distinctive signs take the shape of the font being used. They’re a creative way to express your logo or message, and they can be shaped to match your own favorite logo or letterstyle. Experiment with print types to find the one that aligns with your corporate needs.
  • Self-Contained Letters: This type of lettering is prewired with its power supply located directly within the channel. It gives each letter a projected appearance. Each letter is powered on its own instead of utilizing the same source. 

Here for Your Business

All of our channel letter signs are customizable and produce a sophisticated look. If you’re unsure of which type of channel letter sign suits your New York business best, our design team at Genesis Signs & Graphics will be happy to help you develop a channel letter sign that is both visible and impactful. Contact us to learn more.