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Genesis Signs & Graphics manufactures cabinet signs that increase your business’s visibility. Providing light box signs and cabinets promote your business in Long Island, NY. Your customers won’t be driving up and down the street trying to locate you if you have an adequately illuminated sign!


Typically, cabinet signs are box-shaped and mounted to a business’s exterior wall. However, sometimes cabinet signs may be standalone and displayed as a monument or hung on a pole. Rather than using individual standalone characters like a channel letter sign, a cabinet sign box is a single solid unit that can be illuminated or non-illuminated. These signs are easier to install than channel letter signs and have a long lifespan. 

Benefits of Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Illuminated sign cabinets are popular among commercial landlords since the sign’s face can easily be replaced for future tenants without needing to replace the entire lightbox. Businesses opt for cabinet signs over channel letter signs if their logo graphics are more complex and detailed. Additionally, some companies turn to cabinet signs if they require extra signage to increase visibility, such as near the road or parking area.

Additional benefits of these illuminated signs include:

  • Signage helps reinforce your branding.
  • Illuminated signs mean 24/7 promotion–customers can see you day or night.
  • Cabinet signs are just as customizable as traditional banners but with less waste and more visibility.
  • LED illuminated signs are a low-maintenance option that should last years.

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Find The Perfect Cabinet Sign For Your Business In NYC

As a New York-based company, we understand the importance of working quickly and getting the job done right the first time. When you’re ready to give your business the glow-up it needs, count on Genesis Signs & Graphics to provide a full-service commercial sign cabinet, from design to install–we’ve got you covered.

Sign Face Materials

We manufacture our lightboxes using durable aluminum. The sign face is made of either acrylic or polycarbonate—the main difference being the level of transparency, with polycarbonate the more transparent of the two. Our materials used for cabinet signs come in various colors to match your business’s look. Generally, the cabinet signs are rectangular shaped; however, they can also be customized into a specific shape. 

Are you hoping to achieve a specific look with your cabinet sign? We can help you achieve your goals through a cabinet sign. We’ll come up with ways to bring your creative aspirations to life, all with the goal of attracting new visitors.  Our expertly trained team can recommend designs depending on your business’s needs. Contact our design team at Genesis Signs & Graphics to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’ve got questions about light box signs in NYC, we’ve got answers. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate–reach out to one of our cabinet signs & box signs experts today. 

Commonly referred to as box signs because of their shape, cabinet signs are designed to increase visibility and awareness around your business. Cabinet signs are an ideal alternative to channel letter signs if you’re looking to highlight complex text such as a company slogan. These signs are often illuminated and are crafted using flex face materials such as aluminum or PVC. 

Yes! Starting a business in NYC can be tough, with competitors waiting around every corner. Give your business the advantageous edge it deserves with an illuminated cabinet sign. 

In addition to being an eye-catching and memorable way to advertise your business, LED-illuminated cabinet signs provide several additional benefits. These benefits include:

  • LED lights last longer than glass neon or fluorescent lights.
  • LED is an energy-efficient option, consuming less power than its competitors. 
  • LED lights can withstand cold conditions, making them an easy indoor and outdoor use choice.

Flex face signs are a popular option for companies due to their wide range of options. Flex face materials (typically aluminum) can be cut into an array of custom shapes to meet your unique business needs. These flexible signs are lightweight, easy to install, and are known to last for years with minimal upkeep. 

Absolutely! At Genesis Signs & Graphics we craft high-quality signs that are built to withstand any weather. Our outdoor signs are durable, waterproof, and perfect for outdoor use. 

Yes, in most cities, there is a by-law that requires you to get a permit to install a monument sign. The good news is that monument signs are not tall structures, and most cities and townships allow them.

It depends on what type of look you want and the longevity you expect. The most common materials include poured concrete, stone, brick, synthetic high density foam core, aluminum or metal. Poured concrete and stone and brick masonry will last the longest, but aluminum or metal can give your signs a sleek and modern look.

A monument sign should be five feet tall and seven and a half feet wide. A good rule of thumb is for them to be one and a half times as wide as they are tall.