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Traffic and Road Safety Signs

Signs in the transportation industry unlock advertising opportunities, enhance brand recognition, and help you connect with customers. They are also vitally important for making a professional impression and complying with NY’s regulations.

Brand a single vehicle or a fleet of hundreds with the go-to partner for transportation signage in Long Island, NY. Whether you need flashy signs for a food truck or professional branding for a logistics business, we are the team for you

Custom Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are ones such as Stop signs, One-Way signs, Reserved Parking signs, and ADA signs. They help manage the flow of traffic and parking on your premises. Our signs are available in a wide range of finishes, including reflective and illuminated options

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Transportation Signs Gallery

Going the extra mile – that’s why we are trusted partners for logistics companies, fulfillment facilities, and trucking and moving companies. We will help you navigate every step of the way of your signage project, from the initial consultation until your vehicles are fully wrapped.

Truck Lettering

Truck lettering allows you to display your business’s name, logo, contact information, and NYC DOT information. It is an easy, affordable way to brand your vehicles. What’s more, you can install lettering across trucks quickly.

Truck Wrapping

When a single truck has the potential to get as many as 44,000 impressions every day, you can’t afford to miss out. Install full and partial vehicle wraps to turn your trucks into billboards on wheels. We design, print, and install wraps customized to your needs.

DOT Numbers

Trucks and commercial vehicles must be registered with NYC’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Additionally, they must clearly display their unique DOT number on all sides so they can be easily identified and tracked. Install high-quality DOT signs and follow all the necessary regulations by teaming up with Genesis Signs & Graphics.

Vehicle Lettering

Who says you can only brand trucks, vans, and cars? We can wrap heavy machinery, forklifts, trailers, and much more. Brand your vehicles with vehicle wraps, decals, and lettering. Our decals will even help you track and identify vehicles on your premises.

Signs for Vehicles on the Road

Long Island, NY, has complex laws on Visible Light Transmission (VLT) and vehicle modification. A knowledgeable team can guide you through all of these requirements. That’s why businesses across the state rely on us. We help lower risks by advising on state and federal laws, ensuring compliance throughout.

Signs for Regulatory Compliance

Peeling DOT stickers and failure to display registration information will get your vehicle pulled over. Get peace of mind when you have us install high-quality federal and state signage, such as:
  • US DOT Number
  • MC Number/ICC Number
  • Company Name
  • Contact Information
  • Weight Limit Signs
  • Oversize Load Signs
  • Wide Turn Signs
Get on-the-ground insight from seasoned professionals who wrap commercial vehicles. We are happy to assist with permits and paperwork if needed.

Signs for Advertising and Branding

Vehicle wraps can offer some of the greatest return on investment in terms of branding. Electrify your marketing efforts by displaying your business’s name and ads on your vehicles. You can even unlock new revenue streams with on-vehicle advertising. To learn how you can do that, speak to our team.

Why Choose Commercial Vehicle Lettering in Long Island, NY?

For maximum impact, vehicle lettering needs to be eye-catching and conversion focused. That’s why we are the go-to team in Long Island, NY.


Minimize effort when you work with a single sign company for wrap design, printing, and installation.


Leverage a plethora of branding experience and a team that translates your vision into creative, custom solutions.

Unmatched Value

Receive the value you expect with specialized vinyl from suppliers like Oracal and high-quality inks.

Customer Service

Enjoy responsive communication from a full-service, family-owned, MWBE-certified signage company.

To start your journey, contact the experts at Genesis Signs & Graphics to book your consultation today.