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Genesis Signs & Graphics installs exterior post and panel signs to attract the attention of oncoming traffic and pedestrians in Long Island, NY.

Purpose of Custom Post & Panel Signs

These signs are displayed by installing a post that holds up the panel, hence the name post and panel. While some post and panel signs might serve more of a permanent purpose, they are also an excellent option for those looking for an economical and portable solution.


Our panel decides are meant to last in outdoor conditions. We use materials ranging from aluminum to foil. While these signs are generally promotional, we can make a post and panel sign featuring any design you want, with different graphics and fonts. We can recommend the minimum size of text to achieve sufficient visibility.

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Industries We Serve

These signs are often used in the real estate industry to indicate that a house is for sale. As homes generally go up for sale on a short-term basis, a post and panel sign provides the perfect solution as they are easy to install and takedown.

Another common usage for post and panel signs is for construction sites. As these projects are generally short-term, a post and panel sign effectively displays pertinent details about the project, including the company’s name and completion date.

Other companies in specific industries such as education, medical, and retail also benefit from these signs. Depending on the sign’s placement, the pole can be longer or shorter to increase visibility. Usually, we take advantage of both sides of the panel to display graphics—they can either be identical or unique.

Why Choose Us for Post & Panel Signs?

Our in-house design team at Genesis Signs & Graphics will gladly answer any questions you have regarding options for post and panel signs in Long Island, NY. We can handle your project from all stages, including design, manufacturing, and installation. Reach out to our team of experts to find out more about our custom post and panel signs.