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Genesis Signs & Graphics manufactures directory and wayfinding signs for visitors to navigate their way around your building and office space easily in New York. 

Identifiable & Useful Signs

Without proper signage on your property, visitors will likely get confused. You don’t want visitors getting frustrated from getting lost before even setting foot in your place of business! It’s best to avoid upsetting your visitors by displaying easily identifiable and useful signs. 

The primary purpose for directory and wayfinding signs is practicality. But this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. When designing your wayfinding signs, we consider your brand’s look so that these signs both inform your visitors and look cool. 

There are four types of wayfinding signage, including informational, directional, identification, and warning signs. We’ve outlined the purpose of each one for you.

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Wayfinding and Directory Sign Options

Informational: Informational signs present any details a business wants to communicate. For example, this could be quick facts or history about the business. These signs might also contain directories or site maps. 


Directional: Directional signs point your visitors in the right direction. These directions might be displayed on post signs, reception desks, floor signs, elevator lobbies, or loading docks. Typically, they contain arrows or similar shapes that lead visitors the correct way.


Identification: Identification signs communicate to a visitor exactly where they are located in the building. These signs can include room names or floor plans.


Warning signs: Warning signs convey important information and are generally required by law. They must be clear and visible to sufficiently inform visitors of specific rules, instructions, or restrictions. Warning signs can also be used to keep visitors out of a certain space if the space is deemed unsafe or otherwise inaccessible. 


Genesis Signs & Graphics can assess your space to determine which wayfinding signage would benefit your visitors. Contact us so we can help you make sure your visitors don’t get lost.