A Guide to Creating Cohesive and Custom Signage for your Office

How can you turn a dull office space into one that has pride, confidence, and professionalism? The answer is simple yet powerful: use custom signs. Signs are the backbone of any business – they let customers know where the restrooms are, help employees find the right rooms, and remind everyone what your logo looks like. A cohesive set of custom signs in your office will reinforce the company culture and tone you’re trying to create, while also providing clear directions to your visitors, who may or may not be familiar with the space or your brand.

What is Interior Signage?

Signage isn’t just important outside of a building – it’s also used inside. Interior office signage includes ADA signs, room ID signs, logo signs, emergency exit signs, and more. They provide useful information while at the same time bringing attention to certain parts of a space through design. 

Choosing a Design Style

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of your options. It can be helpful to think about a design style before you start the planning process. Consider how cohesive everything will look — you don’t want one room to feel cooler than another, or one hallway that seems out of place with what you created in another area. If each space looks cohesive together, it creates an environment where it feels like everyone belongs together. That can lead to a more professional environment. In most cases, you also need ADA signs and room ID signs, so people know where things are located in a building or office complex.

The Importance of Logo Signs

Logo signs can make a big difference in how well your office space is perceived. Logo signs are part of what tells guests, clients, or customers that they’re in a place of business. Having logo signs with your company name and logo is important because it creates cohesion amongst the other items in your lobby or office space.

Making Room ID Signs

Room ID signs will give you that professional look you need for easy identification in your space. The best part about these is that you can completely customize them. While logo signs are all about what’s on them, room ID signs are about where they are placed and creating a functional signature for each room in your office.

ADA Signs Are a Necessity 

Federal guidelines require that offices with more than 50 employees must have proper ADA signs to accommodate those with disabilities. Regardless of what you decide is necessary in your office environment, quality ADA signs are a necessity. When it comes time to purchase these important items, don’t choose hastily – finding a reputable signage provider that can customize these items, so they meet Federal guidelines is crucial. This can make all of the difference in how professional and welcoming your office looks for all visitors.

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