Benefits of Windows and Wall Graphics For Your Business

Let’s not beat about the bushwhen 76% of American shoppers say they’ll visit businesses based on their signage, and 68% admit to making purchases because of what they saw on signs, you can’t afford to ignore wall and window graphics.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how wall and window signage for businesses can help improve the bottom line, boost brand recognition, and help you make an impact in your community.


Use Wall and Window Graphics for Local Impact

It’s estimated that nearly 85% of your customer base lives or works within five miles of your Long Island business. That means personalized commercial window graphics and wall decals can help you target local customers and leave a memorable impression. Here’s how you can do that:

· Excite Shoppers With Custom Wall Murals and Storefront Graphics:

Attracting new shoppers and building a loyal base of return customers is vital for your business. One of the biggest benefits of wall & window graphics is that you can use them to advertise a wide range of promotions, including sales during the holiday season, new product launches, and clearances.

Wall and window signage for businesses are extensions of the brand, too, so pay attention to the design. You want to provide powerful visual elements and vibrant colours to create a sense of excitement.

· Join in the Festivities With Seasonal Wall Decals and Commercial Window Graphics:

The pandemic may have taken a toll on physical shopping, but Americans are thronging to stores once again! Inflation has not deterred shopping, with 2023 seeing some of the largest spikes in retail sales.

Don’t miss out on the shopping frenzy (or get overshadowed by competitors) this holiday season with custom wall murals and window graphics. Personalize them for Christmas, back-to-school, fall collections, and other festivities to attract shoppers’ attention.

· Connect With Customers Through Wall and Window Graphics:

When big-time influencers and celebrities can be forgotten if they don’t tweet for a few days, how can you stay memorable and top of mind for your customers?

Window and wall graphics are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business looking fresh since you can change graphics regularly. Many of our customers even include links to their online stores and social media handles to boost online presence and sales.

Take Full Advantage of the Benefits of Wall & Window Graphics

If you think showing just any design and message on your graphics will help you unlock business, you’re in for a shock. You need to team the right graphics with the right message to boost brand awareness and drive sales.

At Genesis Signs & Graphics, we help businesses such as yours do exactly that. You’ll work with a team that combines vibrant designs with compelling sales elements to generate business.

Enjoy a professional signage experience at a family-owned, MWBE-certified signage company that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. Book a consultation today or call (347) 289-7140 to talk about wall and window graphics for your business and find out why we have earned a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Google from our customers.