Essential Wayfinding and Directional Signage for a Theater

Theater settings are unique in that they attract large crowds, and banners and posters can sometimes be larger than life in these spaces. Given this aspect, marquees are almost integral to theater properties.

Marquee Design Features

Many theaters need these signs, which need to have some specific design aspects to make them more attractive. Here we look at what these are:

  • Marquee design for theater can sometimes be over-the-top and needs to ooze pomp and circumstance
  • You should consider larger than life sizes as they can create the stunning impact you want
  • Classic theater marquee signs should also have impressive lighting, as that will attract more attention
  • These are typically 3D structures that create perspective in that space
  • Channel lettering is very popular, and these can be fitted with LED lights too

ADA Compliance in Wayfinding Signs

Since a large number of people step into these premises, it becomes necessary to have the right kind of wayfinding and directional signs. However, it’s important to ensure that these signs are ADA compliant. Safety signage is also another requirement in these settings. Consult with experts to determine how the signs should be designed and where they must be placed.

Skilled professionals will make sure that the onsite sign and design installation is up to code. They will also utilize appropriate manufacturing techniques, so you get the best and most long-lasting signage. In addition to the marquee out in front, other features needed include:

The stage door sign is another crucial feature in theaters. Performers and crew need to know where to show up for work, and that’s what stage door signs are for. These signs also tell fans where their favorite performers/actors are so they can stand there after the show for photographs. Some other types of wayfinding signage needed are:

  • Dressing Rooms Signs
  • Stage Right, Stage Left Signage
  • Lobby Signs
  • Seating and House Signs

As you can see, there are several types of signs needed in a theater setting, and they have functional and aesthetic purposes. The best way to get cost-effective, impactful, and practical signage is to work with experienced graphic designers. They will help plan and design the signs you need and will help with input on location and placement as well. They will also provide you with details regarding the materials to use and more. For information about our wayfinding signage, please contact us at Genesis Signs and discuss your requirements with our team.