General Contractors Need Signs, Too

When pedestrians or motorists pass a construction site, they are naturally curious about what’s happing in that location. As the contractor, you want to display some information about the project; it becomes a form of advertising for you and tells people who is in charge of the site.

This is where general contractor signage, comes in. Depending on the site and whether you need inside or outside signs, there is a wide variety of options to choose from, such as panel signs, vinyl wraps, banners, equipment signs and stickers, window graphics, and more.

You can discuss your requirements with experts who will provide suggestions and inputs, helping you make the right choice. They have the knowledge and experience to design the perfect signs based on your needs and budget.

Why You Need Signs For Your Construction Site

Signage is important for general contractors, and they need it to:

  • Improve safety
  • Advertise and to create awareness and intrigue for an upcoming project
  • Wayfinding to direct workers and others that may be on location while the project is underway
  • Notices that can keep the workers and others informed about project schedules, licenses, etc.

Professional General Contractor Signage

When you are getting general contractor signage for your worksite, you must ensure that it has all the right elements incorporated in it. Some things to keep in mind when designing and planning these signs include:

  • Select the right sizes and shapes so that the signs are easily visible, even from a distance.
  • Choose the right colors and ask about fluorescent printing options, as it will make your sign readable, even at night.
  • Make sure that the right fonts are used in the signs, so they are legible from afar.
  • Keep the message simple and only print relevant information, which can include the nature of the project, directions, warnings and cautions, etc.
  • When you are placing an order for outdoor signs, choose materials and printing solutions that will endure the exterior environment.

General contractors need to work with a company that can meet all their signage needs for a build, from the time they break ground until the structure is complete. Whether you need indoor signs or outdoor signs, it’s necessary to work with experienced professionals that have the necessary experience to tackle this job to industry standards. They should be able to guide your choices, provide high-grade solutions. For the best general contractor signage, contact us at Genesis Signs with your requirements, and we will provide the best options.