How Effective Are Your POP Displays?

Recent studies indicate that 90 percent of shoppers are making buying decisions in-store more than ever before — even with the growing online shopping hype. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are a critical component for marketers to persuade buyers to purchase their products or services at the store level.

Marketers need to understand that in order to connect with their customers and drive sales at retail, it is important to design effective merchandising or POP displays to promote a consistent marketing campaign in terms of messaging, look and feel, as well as the tone of voice.

POP displays offer an emotional connection with your customers and are proven to have a significant impact on retail sales. So, how effective are your POP displays?

Here are some factors to consider when designing the most effective point-of-purchase display for your retail store.

  1. Command Attention

As a retailer, you have only one second to grab your customers attention at a glance hence your POP displays must be innovative and effective. Your POP displays should be big enough and colorful with a clear message. If shoppers do not notice them, then they are not effective. The POP displays should be noticeable in the retail store if you are to get your products off the shelf.

  1. Connect With Your Customers

Once your displays command the customers’ attention, it is also important to ensure that they can understand the message in a second or less. If the message doesn’t register as relevant and recognizable, the shoppers won’t hesitate to move on without a second thought.

  1. Convey Useful Information

Once the customer stops at the shelf to evaluate your products, they need to find a clear and compelling message on your POP displays to get them from considering to actually purchasing your product. This will only be achieved if you manage to command their attention, connect with them and convey some useful information about your products.

Effective POP Display Design Tips

In order to achieve maximum results from your custom POP displays, it’s important to keep the following useful tips in mind:

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Place your display signs strategically in the right place.
  • Maintain a consistent design of your POP displays.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient light to make your displays attractive.
  • Include a call-to-action.

Your point-of-purchase displays have a greater chance of succeeding if they address the needs of the customer and the marketer. Contact Genesis Signs for all your POP display signage needs. We provide the best POP signs and displays that will promote and highlight your products as well as attract customers.