Sign Tips to Future Proof Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

Retail businesses are facing stiff competition due to new entrants and the rise of online commerce. In the future, this competition is only going to increase. Apart from what stores offer, it will be about how much they can connect with their consumers and lure them in again and again. In this regard, there can be nothing more important than the right signage.

Strategies to Future-Proof Your Store

For retailers who don’t advertise, signage is probably the most important channel of customer communication. Moreover, increased competition levels have forced retailers to come out with innovative signage strategies. Amongst them, here are four strategies you cannot afford to ignore:

  1. Copywriting.

Imagine a coffee shop sign saying, “Coffee at only $3.” Imagine the same shop saying, “Wake up your senses to action for only $3.” Which one sounds more attractive? Obviously, the second one.

Take another one. “Fifty percent discount”, or “50% off”. The second one immediately catches your attention as it uses a number. Plus, it’s very short. Hence, people are sure to read it completely.

This is what copywriting is about. Writing text in a way to directly increase customer footprint. In a crowded market, it can work wonders.

  1. Colors.

Colors may seem unimportant. However, they aren’t. Two quick facts:

  • 84.7% of customers purchase a product because of its color.
  • People make a subconscious judgment about a product in around 90 seconds. Color has a 62% to 90% bearing on this judgment.

Your signage must use color in a way that makes it attractive. Don’t make it a choke-full of colors. It should have a pleasant experience about it, to stimulate your consumers and make them feel good.

  1. Branding.

By branding, I don’t mean giving a good name to your store. Branding, for me, is giving a personality to your store. First, one needs to decide the kind of impression he wants his store to give. Then one must execute his signage accordingly.

For example, a store owner wants to put up an ‘environmentally conscious’ impression. For that, he must design green colored signage. Use Earth-friendly materials to create these signs. Then, the wall or storefront paintings must talk about environmentally conscious themes.

This creates a consistent experience for the customer. Also, it helps a store stand out. The store is able to differentiate itself in a crowded market.

  1. Storefront.

Some strategies never turn old. One must redesign his storefront again and again till it is perfect. Storefront paintings, outdoor signage and digital billboards can all contribute to this effort.

As it is often said: if the storefront cannot attract customers, the rest of the store will really not matter.

Consult the Pros.

Incorporating these signage strategies won’t be easy. It is always advisable to consult a sign and graphics company. At Genesis Signs, we use our long-standing experience to give our clients an amazing level of service. In case of any queries, do contact us.