Signs in Motion: Boosting Visibility and Reach with Mobile Advertising

Commercial vehicle graphics can turn your vehicles into mobile billboards for your business, boosting your branding and making sure your ads get noticed. Signs on your truck and trailer can result in as many as 70,000 impressions every day, says Intuit!

In this blog, we’ll look at why signs on your truck and trailer increase your visibility. Plus, we’ll go the extra mile and offer advice on how to supercharge your advertising with vehicle wraps in Long Island.

Boost Your Branding and Advertising with Signs on Your Truck and Trailer

Incredible Visibility

3M estimates that in a large city, you can gather as many as 16 million impressions annually! That means installing wraps easily converts your trucks and vans into mobile advertising vehicles. This means that you receive the marketing boost of a billboard without the traditional recurring cost of one.

Broaden Your Reach

When your vehicles are on the go, so are your vehicle graphics. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, parked in a high-traffic spot in the city, or burning miles on the highway, your message reaches a fresh audience each time.

Phenomenal Return on Investment (ROI)

Vehicle wraps offer unmatched ROI when it comes to outdoor advertising. It’s estimated that wraps deliver around 50 times the value of TV and magazine ads. Plus, as we mentioned above, once you have paid the one-time fee, your ad stays on your truck cost-free.

Supercharge Your Advertising with Advertising Signs on Your Truck and Trailer

Are you ready to dress up your vehicle? It’s time to choose what kind of vehicle wrap best suits your business needs. Fuel your inspiration with these ideas:

  1. Full-Body Wrap: Decorate the vehicle’s entire bodywork with a vibrant, head-turning design. The best part is you can customize every aspect, from colors to ad messages. See how this wrap allowed our customers to convey a lot of information about their business artfully.
  • Partial Vehicle Wrap: Display your branding and ads subtly with partially wrapped vehicles. These are great for creating a professional experience for customers. This customer used their graphics to add branding tastefully and display a short message.
  • Spot Graphics: Don’t need a full wrap? Install small graphics and messages on a single panel easily. Show your logo, QR codes, or contact details strategically on doors and windows.
  • Seasonal Styles: Get in the festive mood with holiday-themed graphics. From Halloween to Christmas, we can create any kind of graphic that will make your vehicles stand out and turn heads.
  • Customer Testimonials: Testimonials are some of the most important proof points for your business, and commercial vehicle graphics are a great way to show them off. Make sure the font used is simple and large enough to guarantee readability.

The Best Place for Signs on Your Truck and Trailer in NY

If you’re looking to transform your vehicles into mobile advertising vehicles, we’re the people you should come see. Book a free consultation to find out how to wrap your vehicles in a simple, efficient, and creative way.

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