The Sign in the Lobby Says It All

Whether it’s the reception desk in the lobby of your apartment building or the entranceway to your local bank, every business needs to display some sort of lobby logo sign that welcomes its customers and provides information about hours, prices, and services offered. You may not give this common business fixture much thought, but it can inspire confidence and credibility with everyone who walks through the door.

A recent survey conducted by KIG Marketing revealed that 77 percent of new clients base their impressions of a company on its lobby. This is why it’s important to ensure that your lobby is welcoming and professional-looking, but still reflects your brand identity. The simple addition of branded lobby logo signs can make all the difference.

Lobby Signs Are Meant to Inspire Confidence

Putting up a well-made lobby sign sets a professional tone for your company. It makes your potential customers feel at ease, because it tells them what to expect. Your lobby signage should have your company name and logo prominently displayed, so everyone will know who they’re dealing with when they walk into your place of business.

Lobby Signs Build Credibility

Studies have shown that people are much more likely to do business with a company when they see its logo and name, and lobby signs play right into that. But how you display your logo and signage can be important. Before even entering your business, first-time visitors will form an impression based on what they see around your front door: Is it well-maintained? Can they read it? Does it make them feel welcome?

Great Lobby Signs Have Personality

Each lobby or entryway should have a unique and recognizable sign to announce you. There are few things that inspire confidence and credibility like a great lobby sign. Every company should have an attention-grabbing, unique and eye-catching signage solution for their lobbies. Looking to spice up your lobby? Let the team at Genesis Signs & Graphics craft a custom sign for your business. Contact us today to get a free quote!