Upgrade Your Logo Sign to Match Your Rebrand

Is your business due for a rebrand? Has your branding become stale or out of date? Has your business changed so that your current branding no longer reflects the work you do? If you answered yes, then you need a rebrand. Don’t forget a new logo sign in that rebrand. 

Logo Sign Options

The rebrand doesn’t need to be something completely different. It can be a subtle change that includes a new lobby logo sign. Those changes to your branding should be reflected in your signage. This means you’ll need a new logo sign that reflects your new brand. A rebrand is also a good time to update your interior design, which can include new wall murals to tell your brand story.  

A rebrand is also a good time to update your interior design, which can include new wall murals and logo signs to tell your brand story.

This is also important for exterior signage. This sign is seen by far more people than your interior signage, so be sure to have it replaced with your new branding. 

Your logo is a large part of your brand in the public’s eye. Yes, branding is much more than just a logo, but that doesn’t mean you can skip this important step. 

After all, you just went through a design process to change your branding, so it makes sense that you would want your customers to know what you did. The best way to do that is by promptly changing your signage to align with your brand refresh. 

This new signage, when noticed by customers, can entice them to enter your business to see what else has changed. 

A brand refresh is also a good opportunity to completely change your exterior signage. You could, for instance, replace a flat sign with a dimensional sign. This way, you update your brand image with a new logo as well as a new sign. This is especially useful when your sign style is starting to look outdated. Ready for a new logo sign? Contact us today for a quote.