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Wall Murals in Queens, NY

Elevate visitor experiences by using custom wall murals in Queens to decorate and brand your office. From thumb-sized stickers to all-encompassing wall artwork, our team at Genesis Signs and Graphics can transform your workspace into a creative, inspiring environment.

Lobbies, waiting areas, employee spaces, conference rooms, corridors, and more are some of the most effective spaces for this type of signage. Given they are commonly where employees, stakeholders, and visitors congregate, they are perfect spaces to add attractive murals that deliver value.

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Explore the Types of Wall Graphics We Offer

Browse our large selection of business wall murals for your business in Queens, New York. Each type can be personalized to your brand guidelines or preferences, allowing you to foster the right type of environment for your business. From eye-catching, vibrant graphics to professional, subtle messaging, we design and print the following sign types:

  • Artwork wall graphics
  • 3D wall murals
  • Skyline wall murals
  • City map murals
  • Child-friendly murals
  • Environmental graphics
  • Abstract graphics
  • Architectural graphics
  • Brick finish murals
  • Food wall murals
  • Business name murals
  • Quotes

· Photograph murals

Unlock the Benefits of Wall Murals

This cost-effective and customizable signage is one of the most popular types of sign solutions for businesses – and it isn’t difficult to discern why. Consider the following reasons to determine whether you should invest in vinyl murals for your space:

  • Transform spaces with color, graphics, and text
  • Affordably elevate your branding, advertising, or marketing efforts
  • Install these signs on any smooth surface, including walls, glass partitions, doors, and windows
  • Prevent extensive business interruptions with this easy to install and remove signage
  • This vinyl sign won’t damage the paintwork underneath
  • Protect your walls from splashes, scratches, and stains

How Much Do Wall Murals Cost?

Small wall stickers start from as little as $4.99, while large wallpaper murals can exceed $900. The cost of your wall murals depends on their size, complexity, installation process, and finish. Specialized vinyl finishes, such as reflective and chrome finishes, typically cost more than standard vinyl finishes.

Want to keep the cost of your office wall murals within budget? Our team will be happy to recommend cost-effective ways to decorate your office.

Get Creative with Our Office Mural Ideas

You may be wondering, “What can I do with interior wall murals?” Luckily for you, our team has brainstormed exciting ideas you can use:

  • Install your business’s name and logo
  • Promote sales and discounts
  • Brand your space tastefully
  • Display team photos
  • Highlight awards and achievements
  • Showcase your company’s history
  • Guide visitors around the premises
  • Change the color of the walls quickly
  • Show menus or favorite dishes
  • Install corporate artwork cost-efficiently
  • Display hazard warnings
  • Inspire others with key quotes
  • Highlight your business’s mission statement

Should You Get Wall Mural Installers in Queens, NY?

Do you want your signage to have a pristine finish? It’s time to partner with professional installers for your wall decals. An experienced team, like ours at Genesis Signs and Graphics, offers the experience and equipment required to install every wall graphic perfectly. With hassle-free installation experiences, we prepare the surface, if required, and make sure your workspace is spotless when we finish.

Choosing a Signage Partner for Wall Murals & Graphics in Queens, NY

High-quality prints, effortless customer experiences, and a supportive team are just the beginning of why you should partner with us at Genesis Signs and Graphics. Unlock the following benefits for your new wall graphics with our New York business:

  • Knowledgeable team that brings years of marketing, visual communication, and design experience
  • Sharp graphics thanks to digital printing
  • Endless customization options to perfectly match your branding and design requirements
  • Fade-resistant murals that look great year after year
  • Smudge-free, crease-free prints
  • Strict quality control to ensure a high-quality final product
  • Effortless installation by a professional team that works according to your schedule
  • High-quality vinyl from companies like 3M and Oracal

Transform Your Space with Office Wall Murals

At Genesis Signs and Graphics, we offer a personalized experience that you cannot get at a big box store or online. Our team goes the extra mile to bring your vision to life and is committed to delivering value with every sign.

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