Wooden Signage – Always a Good Choice

Wooden signs have been used for a long time by all sorts of businesses. They are not new, however, technologies that create awesome wooden signage are now cutting edge.

Hand carved wooden signs are good and very classic. Laser engraving on wood has taken things to the next level. Also, CNC machines are being employed to produce exceptional wood signs.

The main benefit of such signs is versatility. They can create the most dramatic and grabbing effect to your prospects.

On wood, the letters and graphics can be painted, distressed, embossed and even engraved. You decide what you want for your business sign. You can also choose a suitable wood type to have that personalized look. To this end, you can make your signage contemporary, bold, elegant, rustic and more.

These are not the only benefits. Let’s have a look at more merits:

    • Wooden signage can last very long. This natural ability to withstand many elements is like no other. In this regard, you can save money in the long term. Maintenance is also easy and can be done after several years.
    • This type of signage is different and creates a natural appeal. This way, your prospects will gravitate towards the attractive and appealing sign.
    • No matter what business you are in, these signs can suit your needs. From hospitals, law firms to local flower shops and cafes, the applications are endless. Any business large or small can find the wooden signs suitable.
    • Wooden signage adds a premium value to your business. This is because using other cheaper materials to create signs is a norm. However, wood is a premium material with more value than other readily available materials. This makes your venture stand out better.


  • Wooden signs can be used both indoors and outdoors conveniently. It’s also easy to incorporate desired graphics. Therefore, you can customize the look to suit your brand needs.


Choose a Trusted Sign Company

A sign should work by pulling crowds and giving you more prospects. When looking for the best wooden signage in the market, get in touch with the right professionals.

Genesis Signs is a company you can trust to produce custom signage for all your needs. Contact us today and let us guide you in the right direction.